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 Warranty Information

Edis UK Limited Standard Warranty


1 Terms 
1.1 Edis UK Limited (Company number 05750762) warrants that the hardware you purchased (“the System”) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year beginning on the date of Edis invoice (“the Initial Warranty Period”), subject to the conditions and limitations described below. 
1.2 Subject to the conditions and limitations set out below, you are entitled to full parts and labour cover in respect of System defects notified to Edis during the Initial Warranty Period. The promises made in clause 1.1 and this clause 1.2 shall hereafter be referred to as “the Warranty”. 
1.3 This Warranty only applies to purchases made in the United Kingdom

2 The Warranty 
2.1 The Warranty covers normal use and excludes cover for damage resulting from: - 
2.1.1 Return shipment by you to Edis (where applicable) 
2.1.2 your failure to provide a suitable installation or operating environment for the System 
2.1.3 impact with other objects, dropping, falls, spilled liquids or immersion in liquids 
2.1.4 servicing of the System not carried out or authorised by Edis 
2.1.5 usage not in accordance with the user instructions provided with the System 
2.1.6 failure to perform required preventive maintenance 
2.1.7 accident, abuse, misuse or neglect 
2.1.8 natural disasters such as flood, fire or lightning 
2.1.9 problems with electrical power such as power surges and 
2.1.10 the use of parts, components, services or software not supplied by Edis
2.2 This Warranty does not cover damage resulting from failure to back up data or other files, nor does it cover damage caused by programs, data, viruses or other files. Edis is not responsible for any loss of your data and recommends that you maintain a back up system at all times to rebuild or reconstruct lost or altered files, data or programs. 
2.3 Warranty cover will not apply in the event the serial number has been removed, altered or defaced. 
2.4 Edis makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to services provided by Internet service providers (ISPs). This includes their ability to provide services, their ability to work with Edis systems, interruption of service, or their ability to sustain such services over extended periods of time. Edis is not affiliated with providers of such services and is not responsible for their actions or inactions. 
2.5 This Warranty does not cover any items in the following categories; software not supplied as an integral part of the System, joysticks, printers, scanners, speakers, cameras (collectively ”Accessories”) nor any other parts, hardware or software not supplied by Edis. Any Accessories supplied by Edis are covered only by their manufacturers warranties (if any) details of which were supplied to you on delivery of the System. 
2.6 Except as expressly set out in these conditions, Edis gives no other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose, and Edis expressly disclaims all warranties not stated herein. 

3 Returns/Replacements/Repairs 
3.1 During the Initial Warranty Period, if Edis is satisfied that the System is defective or damaged, Edis will, at it’s sole discretion, repair or replace the System or the defective or damaged part(s) thereof or refund to you the amount you paid for the System, less a reasonable sum for depreciation. 
3.2 Warranty claims can be made by calling the Edis Technical Support Department on 0121 236 6661. When calling, you must have the following information available; 
3.2.1 your customer number; 
3.2.2 the System serial number; and 
3.2.3 a description of the problem. 
3.3 Valid proof of the date of your original purchase, including the serial number of the System, shall be required before any warranty service is provided. If the Edis technician determines that the System is defective and that a repair or a replacement product is required, you will be given a Return Authorisation Number (RMA) for the return of the defective product. This number must be clearly marked on a label on the outside of the original packaging, prior to return. 
3.4 If Edis supplies a replacement system or part to you before receiving the defective System or part from you, you are responsible for the return of the defective System or part and will be charged the full sales value of the replacement System or part if the defective System or part is not received by Edis within 30 days of delivery of the replacement. 
3.5 Edis manufactures its security systems from parts and components that are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry standard practices. Edis owns all parts removed from repaired products. Edis uses new and reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and building replacement products. If Edis repairs or replaces the System (or any part of it) under Warranty, the term of the Warranty is not extended. 
3.6 In the event of a hard drive being replaced, the System will be restored to its original configuration when purchased. Any servicing carried out by Edis does not include data back up and/or data restoration. 

4 Remedies 
4.1 In all cases, your sole remedies for a System failure are limited to those contained in these conditions. 
4.2 Except in the case of personal injury or death caused by the negligence of Edis or its authorised sub-contractors, Edis will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages which may occur as a result of your use of the System, the System’s failure to perform under any circumstances, any replacement part provided under warranty or any other circumstances including without limitation losses of the types listed below: -

4.2.1 loss of profit; and/or 
4.2.2 loss of anticipated savings. 
4.2.3 loss of business and/or goods; and/or 
4.2.4 loss of revenue; and/or 
4.2.5 loss of contract; and/or 
4.2.6 loss of goodwill; and/or 
4.2.7 loss of use; and/or 
4.2.8 loss and/or corruption of data and/or other information; and/or 
4.2.9 downtime; and/or 
4.2.10 any damage relating to the procurement by you of any substitute hardware or software.


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